YANKEE PS-M12 Power supply DC/AC

560,00 zł
(Cena netto: 455,28 zł)

Yankee PS-M12 is a unit that gives a combination of 7 DC and 2 AC outputs – split into 3 separate sections. The first section has 5 x 9V DC outputs with maximum voltage of 900 mA. The second section has 2 outputs. Each of them can be manually set. First output : 6V, 12V DC, 18V DC or 24V DC and second output: 9V, 12V, 15V or 18V. Max. current for this section is 600 mA. The third section is made of 2 AC outputs: 1 x 9V AC and 1 x 12V AC.. Only one output can be used at a time. The section outputs 1200 mA.


Yankee PS-M12 Power Supply features: 

  • Durable aluminium housing 
  • Assembled using highest quality material providing safety and durability
  • Can be easily attached to pedalboard with screws
  • Powerfull toroidal transformer
  • Movable power cord socket (see photos)
  • 2 AC outputs (9V and 12V)
  • 2 DC outputs with regulated voltage (between 9V and 24V)
  • 5 DC outputs (9V)
  • Three fully separated sections
  • Can power at the same time effects in amplifier loop and before the amplifier, and effects with oposite polarisation
  • USB port and diode lamp


Sample effects that can be powered using Yankee PS-M12 Power Supply:

Section I (9V DC)

Eventide T-rex BOSS EHX Danelectro Fultone
Ibanez MXR etc.      

Section II (9-24V DC)

TC electronics DHA Radial Strymon Pigtronix Moog
Hiwatt etc.        

Section III (9V and 12V AC)

DigiTech Whammy DigiTech guitar processors Blackstar JamMan
Boss etc.    

Dimentions: 42mm x 130mm x 85mm (height x width x lenght) 

Weight: 1000 g

Power input: 230V/50Hz 
(Want it to work on 115V – North America? No problem, contact us!)

Output scheme:

Section Outputs Voltage Current
I 5 outputs 9V DC 900 mA
II 1 output 6V, 12V, 18V or 24V DC 600 mA
1 output 9V, 12V, 15V or 18V DC
III 1 output 9V AC 1200 mA
1 output 12V AC

The set includes:

  • Yankee PS-M12 Power Supply
  • Power cord 
  • Connection cables:
  • 0,5m standard cable (5,5 x 2,1mm) – 5 pieces
  • 0,25m standard cable (5,5 x 2,1mm) – 2 pieces
  • 0,5m cable (5,5 x 2,5mm)
  • 0,5m battery cable 9V
  • 0,5m mini-jack cable
  • USB diode lamp
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